Feature Priority List

  1. Release of Chrome extension
  • Add server syncing since IndexedDb is partitioned after new Chrome security update
  • Make sure login works
  1. More advanced word translation comparison for exercises
  • [DONE] Apply word stemming before comparing
  • [DONE] Remove stop words
  • “Bag of words” matching, i.e. reordered words
  • Remove meta info from cedict before comparison e.g. to “attract (interest, investment etc) | CL:個|个[ge4]”. Words in parenthesis should be treated as alternatives
  1. Add rudimentary analytics, like “how many minutes watched this week/per week, words added/learned”

Hi, Martin, Really cool app, do you have a tentative date for when you’ll release a Chrome extension for lazybug.ai?

@monstersupersuper Thanks! Unfortunately I’ve found myself in a very busy situation as a cofounder an AI/robotics startup, so I haven’t had the time to work on the extension much. I also ran into some architectural issues where I solved the data synchronization problem (between the extension and the web app) via having the extension embed an iframe with the website, and this turned out not to work after Chrome changed their CORS rules making it impossible to communicate with the iframe. That means I have to rearchitect the extension quite a bit, and also that keeping the extension and web app synchronized will have to go through a centralized server.

Therefore I don’t want to promise anything right now, I will update the status in the relevant places, hope I didn’t cause too much of an inconvenience!